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New paragraph

' We had several builders around, but we were impressed with Neil's professionalism and ideas'

Charmaine, Shrewsbury

Shrewsbury home extensions builders

Much better - room to move at last. One extension in the heart of Shrewsbury

Looking good for a shropshire summer(with plenty of elbow room!)

New paragraph

Nice view from the new extension

Can swing that cat now. A real home improvement

A new dawn awaits!

Taking shape

A bit bigger now

Even after months it still has that 'Wow' factor as they walk in.

Now that is roomy !

Almost done

Nearly there...

Hand made french doors to complete the extension



And out to the front door.

Almost another house added on. Most planners will accept a 70% increase in your home without too much fuss - and possibly more with a little push. Out in the Shropshire countryside a great extension.

Just the place for the utility room. We've made the kitchen bigger, cleaner and there's room for more gadgets or people to sit in this home extension

Nice add on.

What a kitchen/diner.

I would not mind this one myself.A true extension and home conversion

An exciting space

New paragraph

OK, its not an extension, but it is a very nice replacement slate door step and riser.

Nice !

Can I find that 'Rotate' button :(

Out in the country - a shropshire cottage.

A fire.

To the garden.