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'Excitingspaces did the whole lot; planning, building and second fixes. Neil and his team are really skilled. He was good at keeping us informed and in the loop at all times. Highly recommended'

Ellie and Rob, Shrewsbury

 Loft Conversion builders for Shrewsbury and Shropshire

Imaginative and creative loft conversions for ALL types of homes, large and small

One of the loft conversions in the Shrewsbury area

Exciting iron works 

And we made the stairs and chandelier to boot!  Very happy with this loft conversion.

What a fantastic window! Yes, it did take a bit of engineering to get it in, but shropshire is now on view - lovely loft conversion

A fine loft gallery.

The new upper windows are in.

I am very glad we got that to fit first time. Shropshire at your feet!

If you do not have space - let's make it. All house can have their loft converted

A new roof before the new loft

Everyone is happy now - creative spaces indeed, I can't remember the loft before the conversion now!

up to bed! Hardwood stairs build to emulate those already existing

Shrewsbury sunshine

more loft rooms

Up we go to the loft

We copy the existing stair style and profiles to get the ' it looks like it has always been there' effect.

A place to hide in a shrewsbury home

Velux are the solution

So natural. Would you believe it was a conversion

En-suite bathroom

How did we all fit in this home before the conversion?

You will be surprised what you can get into a loft conversion

Bungalow in progress

Getting there!

The young man's music room.

Fanatic attic

And from the outside - lead dormer

Going down - a smaller conversion.

Older houses lofts convert very nicely!

Newer houses just as well.

It took some finding - completely hidden, completely wreaked! New paragraph

There it is - now.New paragraph

A lead roofed dormer (one of a pair).

Half way there - a top dormer